Do Old Viruses Work on Modern PCs? | Nostalgia Nerd

8 jul. 2020
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Big thanks to TotalAV: Visit to get 70% off TotalAV complete protection... I don't know why I get curious about these questions. But here I am, trying to run old computer viruses, DOS Malware and other such malicious code on Windows 10. I thought we could first take a look at some malware from the 80s and 90s, before trying to get it to run on a modern PC. Then it seems a natural progression to run as many of these malicious files as possible and see if it is indeed possible to take down a Windows 10 PC using just DOS Malware.
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  • A few people have asked about the "test" PC. It's this one, from Ebuyer -

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd9 maanden geleden
    • should do it with a top teir pc with hella ram so it can run everything and super fast nvme drive so we can see the shit show better lol

      bob firebob fireMaand geleden
    • that pc isnt even bad why are you ruining it

      DacianDacianMaand geleden
    • @Gerardo Deandre checking it out right now. Seems promising :)

      Bryan CaysonBryan CaysonMaand geleden
    • not sure if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Insta Portal. Find it on google :)

      Gerardo DeandreGerardo DeandreMaand geleden
    • You didnt reboot the PC into safe mode and run total av to show if that fixes it

      My NameMy Name2 maanden geleden
  • in the beginning, it seems hard to get to run 16 bit stuff

    BlueyBlueyDag geleden
  • and not the other way around

    BlueyBlueyDag geleden
  • You can emulate 16-bit Windows programs with a program MJD took a look at ages ago. It does a pretty good job on running Windows 3.11 programs.

    teh_supar_hackr 0010101teh_supar_hackr 00101012 dagen geleden
  • No device driver to install. And me who had to install the fucking usb drivers, i needed a keyboard that wasnt usb, that was a fucking pain.

    GadottinhoGadottinho3 dagen geleden
  • Idk, but some old games def dont.

    Nikola Neki PehNikola Neki Peh3 dagen geleden
  • Total av fake av

    Kevin WongKevin Wong3 dagen geleden
  • Those programmers should be so proud to make a virus that can still wreak havoc on todays computers. That is not an easy feat to achieve

    Hamza HussainHamza Hussain5 dagen geleden
  • I could sit and watch a PC try to deal with the carnage of 10000 dos viruses all day XD

    daniel rowedaniel rowe5 dagen geleden
  • ahh windows ME

    Dluna17Dluna176 dagen geleden
  • After the monetary conversion rate....thats still a decenr price in USD. Where the hell did you find this thing. Sounds like a good entry PC that can be upgraded.

    wakcedoutwakcedout6 dagen geleden
  • The av he is using(total av) is useless

    Kevin WongKevin Wong7 dagen geleden
  • This made me chuckle. Ty for answering my curiosity ! I've always wondered about this.

    michael emmmichael emm8 dagen geleden
  • The end result doesn't seem that dangerous honestly. All I can see it did is disable screen clearing.

    Bunny EmperorBunny Emperor9 dagen geleden
  • Even with a dedicated computer, why not run a virtual machine so you can restore in a matter of seconds after a virus activation? If you don't run a VM, don't you have to reinstall all of Windows from the recovery paritition? Just curious.

    David SpectorDavid Spector9 dagen geleden
  • How To Commit 128 Bit OS That Cant Run 64 Bit Code Or 64 Bit OS That Can Run 1 Bit Code

    indeepjindeepj11 dagen geleden
  • y not use a vm

    UnidentifiedUnidentified12 dagen geleden
  • When you opened up total AV again I half expected it to give you a pop up that said "HOLY SHIT WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

    Andrew MettlerAndrew Mettler12 dagen geleden
  • Why did I start crying at 3:57 and felt an overwhelming urge to spread the wealth? Weird.

    Mr. OuijaMr. Ouija13 dagen geleden
  • Thank you danooct1

    Diego CamposDiego Campos14 dagen geleden
  • "Yes if the user installs a wrapper for 16bit" xD

    thatLukeKnellerthatLukeKneller14 dagen geleden
  • Ok why are you doing this? ,your gonna get your New Computer 👨‍💻 Virus 🦠 and another one is gonna have to be Bought

    Ivory BarksdaleIvory Barksdale15 dagen geleden
  • I remember after spending the 90s going bareback on dialup BBSes circa 93-95 and then the internet proper circa 95-00 i only got one virus: the tai pei virus. It inserted ~400 bytes of code to DOS .exe files in order to spread itself but otherwise it did nothing beyond spreading itself. I noticed it when a dos game (like descent or something) ran a CRC (.exe file size) check at launch and it detected it was ~463 bytes larger than it was supposed to be and then a proper virus check and a-ha its the tai pei virus. Later dealing with work machines and other people's computers I came across one of those first gen fake virus/malware scanners (the one that would try pretending its windows defender and pop up the YOU HAVE BEEN INFECTED / BUY THIS ad/window) and that one was a tricky MFer. One variation would send three small .exe files in 3 different system folders then go into the windows registry and insert commands to run these .exes on startup. If you caught 1 or 2 of them all 3 of the .exes were able to recreate the other .exe files if deleted, so it would do that and move the .exes to a different folder + different part of the registry until you were able to catch all 3 at once (as virus scanners at the time didn't catch them) Then later once virus scanners started catching them they got more malignant, originally trying to block your computer from running .exe files that had the same filename.exe as all of the virus scanners at the time (requiring you to, example, rename malwarebytes.exe to iexplore.exe or notepad.exe or something else "benign" to the virus creators) then once ppl figured out it was blocking the virus apps' .exe files it went to its nuclear option and changed your windows around to where all .exe files would be opened by your web browser instead of loading up as an .exe and this was tricky because after a proper boot up you couldn't run ANY exe files unless you got really clever (as the virus by this point was a TSR that would hang around trying to block .exe launches and changes to the registry, that is if you could even get regedit to run) so I remember ultimately defeating it by finding some little backdoor to launch the malwarebytes exe and fix it, but it was a pretty good fight for a good 20-30mins IIRC. Otherwise, I've been fortunate enough to have enough common sense to only click on the RIGHT shady .exe files to avoid further viruses (honor amongst thieves in the Warez scene, eh?) and thank god those fake virus scanner scams died out by the mid-late 00s

    sinicalypsesinicalypse15 dagen geleden
  • I love how Ambulance is actually more malicious now then when it was originally made lol.

    Alexander ColefieldAlexander Colefield16 dagen geleden
  • My mamas laptop: *amateur*

    Galaxy GamerGalaxy Gamer16 dagen geleden
  • PokeCamPokeCam17 dagen geleden
  • Computer over. Virus equals very yes.

    Gazirra1Gazirra117 dagen geleden
  • Installed Ram: 8GB Usable Ram: 1.6GB God damn windows 10!

    SySy18 dagen geleden
  • You mean without that specific step we never can run old virus to windows 10?

    Dark KeroDark Kero18 dagen geleden
  • This kind of bargain is only possible in the 1st world.

    Felipe MacedoFelipe Macedo19 dagen geleden
  • the LCD / LSD looks even more trippy. Love it! Thanks!

    The Secret History Living in Your AquariumThe Secret History Living in Your Aquarium20 dagen geleden
  • is that young franco playing in the background lol

    Jake BurgoyneJake Burgoyne21 dag geleden
  • What would be interesting is to run process monitor, if possible, while you run one.

    Steven WhitingSteven Whiting22 dagen geleden
  • I have a faint memory of trying to make a clone of Casino in Pascal but it did nothing but display what Casino did but never did any of the infection or delete stuff.

    Steven WhitingSteven Whiting22 dagen geleden
  • An advert for TotalAV that can detect all these viruses. Oh dear, I'd hope so, the real test is what TotalAV can do now with new ones not old, long gone DOS ones.

    Steven WhitingSteven Whiting22 dagen geleden
  • Back in the 90s the Form virus was going around college. I grabbed a copy onto floppy to take it home to mess with. It ended up infecting the boot sector of the HDD :) but as it wasn't destructive it was fine. I'd just boot from a floppy instead, which needed to do anyway to run Elite on our 386sx. Anyway. Used a hex editor to see the message it was supposed to display but I never saw it "The FORM-Virus sends greetings to everyone who's reading this text. FORM doesn't destroy data! Don't panic! Fuckings go to Corinne." I may of edited the txt then took it back to college. Can't remember what I wrote though.

    Steven WhitingSteven Whiting22 dagen geleden
  • 1:14 Ah the very grey area of license keys without providing the media. I probably wouldn't of included that in the video as there are still questions on whether they are legal or not. I believe Microsoft are on the firm end of they are not.

    Steven WhitingSteven Whiting22 dagen geleden
    • Yep, they are illegal and I put a link to Microsoft official statement on this which appears to have been deleted.

      Steven WhitingSteven Whiting19 dagen geleden
  • I wonder which of those viruses was the one capable of VM-busting in 2021

    zach gaineszach gaines24 dagen geleden
  • "Flappy drive opening" hahahahaha

    Samuel SungstabtuSamuel Sungstabtu24 dagen geleden
  • Hmmm that pc is way more expensive than mine but doesn't have a gpu...

    LawrenceLawrence25 dagen geleden
  • why not run 16bit? well fuck, i miss playing my old games, god damn it. and this isnt some 'cause and issue, make the solution' shit nether. there is NOTHING from MS to run anything 16bit or MsDoS focused. 'Just get a Virtual machine' ik.

    Keller weskierKeller weskier27 dagen geleden
  • 2:16 that stock footage

    J HSJ HS27 dagen geleden
  • This video had my anxiety on edge. Especially when you started manually opening viruses... XD

    MrGrombieMrGrombie27 dagen geleden
  • you bought a copy of windows 10, just to annihilate it... sure its 7 bucks but, come on... Its windows 10... and you only would've had the "activate windows" thing which would be just fine for the purpose.

    DEADGOWRDEADGOWR28 dagen geleden
  • Pft 23k viruses, rookie numbers! My old laptop had over 100k viruses and still somehow ran just fine

    The King of BravesThe King of Braves28 dagen geleden
  • you do know those win10 cheap keys are not legit?

    szpon8szpon828 dagen geleden
  • What the fuck is this stock footage 2:16-2:25

    Diego BaltierDiego Baltier29 dagen geleden
  • Everything about this video was extremely satisfying to watch

    DEATHbySp00Nz15DEATHbySp00Nz1529 dagen geleden
  • 16:35 Him: _closes Microsoft Store_ Microsoft Store: *A*

    Gage StovallGage Stovall29 dagen geleden
  • I got the ambulance virus back in the day on an IBM/ps2 - back then we all referred to it as the 'red alert virus'

    d74g0nd74g0n29 dagen geleden
  • 1:23 M.2 SSD owners: "You guys see spinning dots?"

    Aidan ChappelleAidan Chappelle29 dagen geleden
  • The USSR hymn got me off guard

    SSGSS RaySSGSS Ray29 dagen geleden
  • Those desktop issues towards the end look like memory exhaustion for the shell. I've had similar happen when an application tries to grab all the RAM.

    Kevin QuinnKevin Quinn29 dagen geleden
  • And then he discovered VMs.........

    Simon ScottSimon ScottMaand geleden
  • These so self-proclaimed nerds should nerd more about the english language, they might just learn that the plural of “virus” is “vira”.

    K. D. HansenK. D. HansenMaand geleden
  • I got into computers on the tail end of jumpers on drives.Molex, ide etc.Much more challenging then today.Glad I was part of it though.It was so frusturating,yet gratifying to get it all sorted and have XP up and running. P.S havent used anti virus for years on my personal devices.Never have a problem.It comes down to experience with browsing.

    StinkletoesStinkletoesMaand geleden
  • good

    NarcissBlueNarcissBlueMaand geleden
  • The title should be "Dormant PC viruses re-activated"

    Xaffire009Xaffire009Maand geleden
  • If you really really want them to and go to pains to make it happen then yes. Otherwise you can be safe in the knowledge that DOS era viruses/malware are a thing of the past - current viruses and malware not even Apple is safe from despite the marketing telling you otherwise. But you can be safe in the knowledge it will just cost you money because today it is mafia level, not some random shit delighting in deleting files because they can for no personal gain.

    spazbog123spazbog123Maand geleden
  • Hey! I just got a new pc, LET'S DESTROY IT!

    CrazytotheboneCrazytotheboneMaand geleden
  • Good thing is. The chance of running into 7k DOS viruses by accident is pretty slim so we can say new pcs are safe from them

    Lennart SixLennart SixMaand geleden
  • Window s 10 for 7 pounds, I had to buy my windows 10 for 145 bucks

    AustynC60AustynC60Maand geleden
  • Well before we start 16 bit programs will not run on 64 bit windows 10 so no DOS viruses will not run right? ok let's see lol.

    N BrownN BrownMaand geleden
  • Do viruses work on modern pc? Also buys a lower-grade version of the current operating system and a software to help the viruses run. :?

    Mitchell SmithMitchell SmithMaand geleden
  • That's how you do a sponsorship. They tried to re-enable AV constantly and when he finally did it, it found thousands of viruses.

    Crow MigrationCrow MigrationMaand geleden
  • Back in the day when I was a bonafide AV researcher we would have considered ANY change to virus source code to be equivalent to creating a new variant of the virus. Even changing it to remove a nasty payload was looked down upon. If you were to do this you would have gotten fired from most AV software companies. Some people would even consider changing an infect host so that the virus code never got called (essentially neutering the virus while leaving it’s code attached at the end) to be making a new variant even though that virus code could never get called. It was kind of annoying when some testers would have these neutered viruses in their collections instead of unmodified viral hosts. Depending on how the AV definition was written it might not consider a file like this infected and then we would get dinged for not detecting their virus sample. Also, your comment that most of these old DOS viruses need to wait for a “period of calm” until it can spread itself to other files is incorrect. The vast majority of DOS viruses (especially the direct action type) will immediately search for files to infect (usually in the current directory and sometime standard dos folders that usually exist on all drives, or it might search in your $PATH) and infect them straight away before relinquishing control to the host program code. Direct action viruses do this because, like all “good” viruses, they don’t want to give away their existence on your system. So a direct action type virus will want to quickly infect as many files as it can and then get back to running the host code in as short of a time as possible so that you don’t notice a difference when running an infect program versus a non-infected. If it sat around waiting for calm before infecting then you would notice when your text editor takes a lot longer to load. Then there are resident type viruses that attempt to get around this and infect more files over time by using a different method compared to the direct action infectors. The resident infectors will not immediately look for files to infect (with some exceptions, like a hybrid type infector) but instead it will reserve some upper memory and then load itself into that memory. Finally, before returning control back to the host code, it will edit the interrupt vector table (IVT) so that certain interrupts (basically the DOS API functions) will point to the virus code we just copied into upper memory. That way when that interrupt is called (like int 21 Ah=3Dh Open File system call, for example) its code gets called and it will infect the file that is about to be opened. Once that’s done it relinquishes control to the original interrupt vector that it saved when it changed the entry in the IVT. Pretty neat how they all worked. And this is just he basics. One final note, the vast majority of old DOS viruses never had any payload, or if they did it was completely harmless. Most people think that a virus is destructive by nature, but that’s not true. Oh, and I liked that you showed the Elvira virus. At our lab in the 90s whenever a big new virus got into the news we would have tv reporters come in to shoot video for their reports about them. We did a lot of PR stuff like that including once we had the actual Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, come into the office and into the virus lab to shoot some video. We showed her the virus named after her and she got a kick out of it. She was just like her TV persona. I would have been seen in the background in some of those PR events, but I can’t recall if I was in the Elvira one. In fact I think that was one I wasn’t in and I was upset about that. If you want to know more about the AV scene in the 1990s I got tons of stories.

    Christopher FormulakChristopher FormulakMaand geleden
  • Use a VM, save money

    godgodMaand geleden
  • Y u pay for windows its free with a slight watermark on the home screen

    benozzy003benozzy003Maand geleden
  • I assume the reason that modern anti-viruses recognize these old viruses is precisely because these are well preserved. I would assume some of the more obscure ones are not as well recognized. Also, I imagine a lot of antivirus development teams are pretty close to hobby virus writers who don't have real malicious intent. Or at least vice versa. I don't think many hobbyists would want the programs they're building for fun to actually be used to hurt people.

    AmberAmbitionsAmberAmbitionsMaand geleden
  • You got ripped off. You can make that PC for half the cost with a solid graphics card and 16 gb of ram for about 3-400 USD

    Mana RagerMana RagerMaand geleden
  • My favorite virus was the WelcomeB

    Valiume Plays LongplayValiume Plays LongplayMaand geleden
  • Awesome video!

    Andrew MeffordAndrew MeffordMaand geleden
  • Surely if it deletes kernels or dll assumedly its gonna work.

    tommothedogtommothedogMaand geleden
  • Nostalgia is a hellva drug

    Vehicles of Peace Limited EditionVehicles of Peace Limited EditionMaand geleden
  • This man just gave this poor machine every STD a computer from the 90's could get

    Isaac FergusonIsaac FergusonMaand geleden
  • My favorite virus from the late 90s / early 2000s was where it would go, "YOU are an IDIooooooT, Oh hoho hoho ho hooooo, oh-hoho ho hooooooooooooo" over and over and would keep doing it every time you tried to click it away, a duplicate forming. It had a smiley face with it most of the time.

    JinzoCrashJinzoCrashMaand geleden
    • Yo Joel showed that one

      NarnianistNarnianistMaand geleden
  • Single channel memory. smh

    DFNDFNMaand geleden
  • But can it run crysis?

    SlappaSlappaMaand geleden
  • 4:30 hehe control pan-el :)

    fSnekfSnekMaand geleden
  • I love that all the retro tech youtubers just causally reference each other in their videos. its almost like their real people and can interact. but that would be crazy!

    Isaac EIsaac EMaand geleden
  • "Ah yes, a new pc. Shall we fuck it up?" "That's stupid, but yes"

    The Dope ShowThe Dope ShowMaand geleden
  • I remember an old virus called Color Bugger. It was more of an annoying program that hid in your system but it would change all of the colors of your system to some seriously *eye searing* colors. After you spent time putting all of your colors back to what they were it would do the same thing again when your system rebooted.

    ZbandZbandMaand geleden
  • It killed me when he didn’t use a vm

    Manga- -WriterManga- -WriterMaand geleden
  • "Mika Häkkinen Teaches Captain Slow to Drive - Top Gear - BCC" Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!

    Niclas BjörkmanNiclas BjörkmanMaand geleden
  • Alternate title: Downloading DOS malware but im using IE

    submachine guysubmachine guyMaand geleden
  • Backwards compatibility

    William WashburnWilliam WashburnMaand geleden
  • wtf is that mouse

    Luis LedezmaLuis LedezmaMaand geleden
  • 17:25 the shot of the chaos in the back with an antivirus running is funny

    Angry HippoAngry HippoMaand geleden
  • This pc was born to suffer lol

    NatamNatamMaand geleden
  • "rename them to make them executable" As a Linux user I laugh about that

    Jan LukasJan LukasMaand geleden
  • I feel like the trouble operative trouble you had (with the desktop not updating and such) wasn't due to the viruses being malicious, but rather because you ran several hundred processes who all wanted to hit the hard drive at the same time and were all spinning in their own loops trying to do as much shit as they could get away with.

    LongaVitaLongaVitaMaand geleden
  • i recognise the soviet anthem @ 3:55

    NoNamNoNamMaand geleden
  • I feel sorry for PC 😣

    SinnermanSinnermanMaand geleden
  • Wait why does his computer reserve half the ram?

    Kyler InmanKyler InmanMaand geleden
    • 32-bit windows can use only max 4gb including the videoram or as with this computer he has no graphics cars so it uses the ram instead - win9x could only use max 768mb only - like 3 x256mb ram sticks

      JariJari29 dagen geleden
  • Use screen capture you nerd!

    ??Maand geleden
  • Yeah, lovely to see old dos viri again. Nearly took the offer of £29 (UK) for the TotalAV until I read the small print that it Re-Bills yearly at the regular price of £99 thereafter! The video should mention this price is for the first year only and not a lifetime one off cost as it implies.

    JohnnyX50JohnnyX50Maand geleden
  • omg an lgr reference :')

    syncopatedglorysyncopatedgloryMaand geleden
  • I like the one that plays the Russian National Anthem...

    Wesley ThomasWesley ThomasMaand geleden
  • Ive a pc that still has a floppy interface on the mainboard. Hooked up a floppy drive and was amazed win10 can still read and write to it. But then, win10 is win98 with a couple of shells slapped on top of it, huh

    Leo SchoutenLeo SchoutenMaand geleden
  • PC: Why are we still here.. just to suffer?

    Shane GarletShane GarletMaand geleden