Is Legends Ultimate Arcade Worth it? | Nostalgia Nerd

18 dec. 2020
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Head to ​ to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD....The AtGames Arcade Legends Ultimate arcade machine is a thing. It's a thing of size. It's a thing of MDF. It's a thing of plastic. It's a thing of potential joy. But the question is how much joy? Is this thing any good? Have AtGames actually created something that's decent? Something worth paying £799 for? Perhaps? Perhaps they've known how to do it all along.
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UK residents can find the Legends Ultimate Arcade at Liberty Games:
If you like the Yellow stool I bought to go with it, you can find it at
Or maybe the cassette shelves?
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00:00 Introduction
00:43 Background
02:13 Assembly
06:31 Specifications
08:10 Aladdin
09:30 Ad
10:12 Bundled games
11:00 In game options
12:10 Controls
13:16 ArcadeNet
14:25 Adding games
17:17 CoinOps X
22:00 Game streaming
23:25 Other apps
24:25 Using Blast! plugins
25:25 On The Go functionality
26:08 Lightguns!
27:24 Settings
28:51 Final thoughts
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CoolToy's video on racing games with Legends Ultimate:
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  • Update; A lot of people have rightly asked whether the machine can be used without logging in. Perhaps in the advent that AtGames servers are taken down in the future, etc... So I contacted AtGames and this was their response; "Yes it can totally be used without signing in. You can use the built in games and OTG mode to connect a Pi or PC and play games that way. You only have to log in for online play and services, as well as log in once every 5 times you power on the device to use AddOn X and CoinopsX (COX). As to if the online services go away, I don't know what we could say there. We have no intentions of shutting online capabilities down. We're very online oriented. I guess if we completely had to leave the online world, we'd have a solution that would always be to the benefit of the consumer." My view on this is that, I guess they could potentially remove the Addon/COX modes at their own discretion (if they were hit with a lawsuit for example), even if you opt out of future firmware updates. This would still allow us to plug in a Pi to the HDMI, and use CoinOPs/RetroArch via that route. BUT that's not ideal. Plus, worst case, if the company were to fold, then I *highly* doubt they would make firming up of existing machines a priority. So this is worth bearing in mind if you're looking for a standalone future proof solution. On the flip side. The community is outstanding, and I have little doubt that it would be hacked and restored to former glory in no time. There are some excellent channels that cover the Legends Ultimate; PDubs Arcade Loft - Restalgia - CoolToy - These are the kind of channels that help form the backbone of the retro community, so be sure to check them out and say "Hello there". If you're in the UK you can grab a cabinet from Liberty Games at, unfortunately, us Brits pay more due to shipping & import charges (it feels like the 90s again). In the US, they're available from several retailers. I'm unsure about the rest of the world. You'll find some other useful links in the description.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd4 maanden geleden
    • My reply to their reply is, "What a pile of horse shit."

      aqualung2000aqualung2000Maand geleden
    • They got no more reason to worry about any lawsuit than Pi or PC makers. People add their own games and emulators just the same as they do on a Pi or PC. Atgames is not held responsible for what or how consumers use their machines. So, for now the only reason I see them requiring online account and internet access is their way of promoting subscription service. I keep getting their annoying on screen message to log on sometimes even after couple of power cycled. All the pushy subscription promotion aside I really like this machine. It has all the controls I want and they are of good high quality.

      TheMxa77TheMxa772 maanden geleden
    • I spotted Thief 2 on your shelf , one of the greatest games in History, i also enjoyed Thief 3 but it was nowhere near at the level of Thief 2

      Christine AyresChristine Ayres3 maanden geleden
    • @Mad Mullins Remember how no one tried to save the Gamespy server infrastructure, vital for like 500+ games? No one attempted to buy them from GNU, none of us made a kickstarter or petitioned Gaben or something? May god forgive us.

      Brave LadderBrave Ladder3 maanden geleden
    • "We have no intentions of shutting online capabilities down. We're very online oriented." So was GameSpy...

      Mad MullinsMad Mullins3 maanden geleden
  • 00:12 seconds in and Im already hypnotized by the jumper

    Simon TSimon T2 dagen geleden
  • Nostalgia Nerd *gets full size arcade cabinet... immediately boots up emulated console games?!?

    LepukeLepuke3 dagen geleden
  • People in the comments section are cheap. Build ur own or pay retail. $700 isn’t that much. You would pay far far far more for a cabinet that’s actually nice, with a real computer and a large hard drive with games. I don’t understand what people here want. Buy a kit and put a pi in it. This is for lazy old people.

    Paul RenziPaul Renzi5 dagen geleden
  • ATGarbage.

    Third StarThird Star5 dagen geleden
  • Somebody try to run CS:GO on that thing and make it use the arcade controls

    V33TwoV33Two7 dagen geleden
  • I have my Arcade 1UP Final Fight cabinet. That's all I need. Nothing else.

    Tuxy's Magical JukeboxTuxy's Magical Jukebox11 dagen geleden
  • "... unless you choose fill, which in that case, you shouldn't be watching this... please leave" - cracked up almost immediately

    Save ChickenSave Chicken13 dagen geleden
  • If it runs on an android box, you SHOULD be able to root and overclock it. You'd be surprised at just how much you can overclock an android box. Especially if you add extra cooling, like a small 90mm fan in the case or something.

    Bong JoviBong Jovi13 dagen geleden
  • LOL $600 in the US, £800 in the UK? Are they shipping them on a solid gold yacht?

    Bong JoviBong Jovi13 dagen geleden
  • Oh god no... not another AtGames abomination...

    Bong JoviBong Jovi13 dagen geleden
  • Eh... feels too gimmicky for me. For this price, you can get a CPU-focused PC with some Xeon for emulation only, AND have some change to build an MDF cabinet, or something like a PS3 lol... at the very least the cheap Android-style CPU they use can be replaced with a faster model, the point of the And the ability to stream games directly from PC to cabinet is literally supported by any SmartTV that can install Steam Link, though yeah you'd be limited to games ran through Steam for now... Can it work with outside games linked through Steam? Probably. So yeah, while a home arcade is cool, the configuration they have is just far from optimal methinks. Even basic games lag noticeably!

    Kasumi RinaKasumi Rina14 dagen geleden
  • I will play all my games on "fill" just to defile your soul

    Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'TeQoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te16 dagen geleden
  • I wouldn't say it's trolling. I honestly believe they are just lazy and incompetent. Incompetent in that they luck their into the good products they have (rarely) produced. I doubt their coders could reproduce the result if asked to start from scratch. By lazy, we've seen how busy they've been to make good on the crap they sell. For example, I keep hearing about how bad the Sega Genesis Firecore is. I bought a first-gen one over 10 years ago, and I have never thrown away a game console so fast - within a couple hours, same day. They've made no efforts to improve it. Now, not every product of theirs is garbage, but where they produce something actually worth the money they charge, I chalk it up as a fluke.

    Loren HelgesonLoren Helgeson18 dagen geleden
  • I placed an order for one, got the total for $543 and change, then a screen refresh took the total higher to $603+ for an add on $50 handling fee. To be waved if you fork $45 to join Sam’s Club. I didn’t like that, may to buy mine at Walmart.

    Rey ReyRey ReyMaand geleden
  • Just want to say I love the style of your videos, really informative, funny and so comfortable to watch, I'm an old man so this is a good thing. Continue with feeling!

    Time Sausages Gaming ChannelTime Sausages Gaming ChannelMaand geleden
  • Wow, the price on this is crazy high in your neck of the woods. In the US, this typically goes for $500-$600 (~£359-£431 when directly converted), depending on where you get it from, what's included, and if it's on sale or not. For the US price, I'd say it's a good deal, especially if you connect a PC, Raspberry Pi, or MiSTER up to it. I also looked into how much it would cost to put one together by buying the parts myself, and as someone who isn't a woodworker, the cheapest solutions with good components would cost just as much if not more than one of these at the US MSRP. And those DIY solutions wouldn't even have the spinners and trackball like this does!

    OMortyOMortyMaand geleden
  • Man... you a bit of a whiney bitch. You went in to this wanting to hate, and you didn't disappoint.

    Chris BeckChris BeckMaand geleden
    • Additionally, why do you think that this vid is worth EIGHTEEN commercial breaks? lol Thank dog youtube premium saved me from that. No sub. Lost me at greedy.

      Chris BeckChris BeckMaand geleden
  • The narrator sounds like the Geico gecko. Just sayin'.

    SSLYYYSSLYYYMaand geleden
  • Great review!

    saturos13saturos13Maand geleden
  • 16:9 screen 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Matthew JosephMatthew JosephMaand geleden
  • Would you please tell me the name of the airplane game @11:57 sir.

    ver strahltver strahltMaand geleden
  • I have the new 1.1 version with side art already applied (from liberty games) as a vinyl !! nothing to hang down the sides - so I must have the v1.11 version lol

    Nigel HarrisonNigel HarrisonMaand geleden
  • I got this arcade yesterday at 200 bucks, a steal

    DelnoDelnoMaand geleden
  • See ATGames logo, immediately know its not good

    Internet GuyInternet Guy2 maanden geleden
  • I got the Sam's Club version that came with the Pinball Kit. In the Control Panel Test screen the Player 1 Z and C buttons trigger the Pinball-R buttons, and vice-versa. The Player 2 Z and C buttons however do not trigger the Pinball-L buttons. I replaced one at the store because of this issue, but the replacement has the same problem. Not sure if this is a known issue, or if I got two with the same defect. Anyone else notice similar issue?

    mcdonronmcdonron2 maanden geleden
  • unless you choose fill... k, bye.

    Grant ImaharaGrant Imahara2 maanden geleden
  • Not sure if you realize there's blue film over the chrome T molding.

    Ryan SprovieroRyan Sproviero2 maanden geleden
  • Money Puzzle Exchanger - you two are retro gamers of class I see!

    AB PositiveAB Positive2 maanden geleden
  • Great Video mate.

    Heysahs007Heysahs0072 maanden geleden
  • When u pinched ur hand I almost spit out my drink 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    XaviersCollectingXaviersCollecting3 maanden geleden
  • i want to buy both ultimate an pinball later but the ultimate to me still cpu an gpu are way under powered wish also had micro sd card slot on mother board so i could add more storage space cuz 2gb weak sauce. so i will wait an see love the other capability's wish had bigger monitor an faster refresh rate my laptop has 300hz.

    Dick WatsonDick Watson3 maanden geleden
  • But can it play DOOM? Kind of cool I guess but for me NEWDM! Unless it can play DOOM.

    Troy BarnesTroy Barnes3 maanden geleden
  • I don't think the attract mode music is thaaaat bad :( although it doesn't really fit the idea of being "arcade music" at all.

    JiwiJiwi3 maanden geleden
  • Imma drop a lil something something, if you want a genuine arcade machine or a cheaper alternative, Mexico is the place. they still build them and there’s a lot of genuine ones (i bought genuine marvel vs capcom one for 100 dollar after conversion) they are great quality and you can modified from switches to screens. Bran new ones run you about 3,000 to 5,000 thousand pesos depending on the set up so about 100 to 250 dollars.

    GeekOUT!!!!!GeekOUT!!!!!3 maanden geleden
  • new 2021 firmware update on it is awesome

    Historics a look on 200 years of historyHistorics a look on 200 years of history3 maanden geleden
  • Good review!

    EposVoxEposVox3 maanden geleden
  • I'm all over this, it's now on my wish list or as it's otherwise known bullshit in my head lol.

    Hannibal LecterHannibal Lecter3 maanden geleden
  • I used to play the AtGames genesis when it first came out and I loved the selection of games they had on it. But of course the sound was a deeper pitch than normal so it sucked audio wise and the controllers were so hard to get to work because of the IR. Other than that it was good though. I just bought the Atari 150 games collection for the Switch and had no idea it was AtGames. They included some 5200 Atari games along with Arcade and 2600 so I'm happy. Atgames still rules!

    Electric Covers With AdamElectric Covers With Adam3 maanden geleden
  • I got mine for around 600 bucks and love It. With the currency exchange that seems expensive for this though.

    Matthew MMatthew M3 maanden geleden
  • It must be a wonderful dynamic between you and Octavious thats all I can say.

    Mark ThurstonMark Thurston3 maanden geleden
  • Hey.. I've you've got it .. I love it .. Will never buy a 1up again ..

    Nick DoranNick Doran3 maanden geleden
  • Looks interesting but raspberry pi connected to TV is way cheaper and easier to configure.

    DrazenDrazen3 maanden geleden
  • Sinden Lightgun. Check it out. Here its a game changer for lightgun games and LCD screens.

    jedikevin20jedikevin203 maanden geleden
  • I would def use one of these, but the $800 and assembly and all the steps to get things working the way you want.. plus no driving wheel is tough but it’s good you can plug one in, and playing console games with an arcade joystick seems rough so maybe plugging in a controller for some games? It’s tempting but I dnno.. Maybe if I had a spare grand to spare on stuff, but who has that these days besides people not affected by the pandemic? Edit: ok the light gun plus a sensor on an arcade cabinet seems really intriguing.. point blank or other games like a real arcade would be so much fun. I hope there’s a way to attach better speakers too, just in case. It seems like there’s a lot of customization with this thing, and that’s what I like.

    Chris AndersonChris Anderson3 maanden geleden
  • Pandora Box Retro Arcade Console way more games cheaper and takes 30 seconds to set up.

    Zero ContentZero Content3 maanden geleden
  • You could make this with a Pi with more ram for half the price lol

    Mustang McKrakenMustang McKraken3 maanden geleden
  • 😢😭😭😭😭 sold out

    Green RangerGreen Ranger3 maanden geleden
  • So basically it's OK but you could build a decent raspberry pie for half the money. For 800 quid I'll just buy a smashing pc and a decent arcade controller.

    Trev FordTrev Ford3 maanden geleden
  • So overpriced shite then. Didn't expect any less from AtGames

    Richard LawrenceRichard Lawrence3 maanden geleden
  • I just want a full sized IKEA style assembly arcade machine that I can play my fav 80s and some 90s games on. The first arcade machine I ever played was Space Invaders in the 70s so yep I'm old, yet I have two very young kids so no time. But that's what I think would sell big. I don't want to pay anything extra than the system and it all has to work with no tweaking... Well maybe a little tweaking.

    David McGarryDavid McGarry3 maanden geleden
  • AtGames.. They get to a certain point and then give the hell up

    David McGarryDavid McGarry3 maanden geleden
  • let me ask you something.. do you keep yours powered on?? or do you turn it off after you finished playing?

    Jay FragherJay Fragher3 maanden geleden
  • £800!? I could buy my dream machine. An Astro city candy cab and stick an rgh 360 in it or pi.

    neontetra1000neontetra10003 maanden geleden
  • You are a over a year late .. this product has been out for a long time and has 100's of reviews online. It is a FANTASTIC machine / Plays 1000's of ROMS and no you don't "need to log in" noobs. Not even to play addon games. Pop in USB . Good to go. Maybe in a year you'll review the virtual pinball machine they made that's already out. LOL?

    Space Cowboy FPVSpace Cowboy FPV3 maanden geleden
  • Don't hate on Ralph! It has Fix it Felix Jr.?!?!?!

    DarthMayvinDarthMayvin3 maanden geleden
  • Short answer, yes, any emulation box is better than paying $800+ for a full arcade cabinet that has subpar screen and speakers.

    retrofractionretrofraction3 maanden geleden
  • In my opinion, any "new" arcade cab that's coming out thanks to the retrogaming fad is a complete waste of space and money. I collect pinball machines and I have a couple of real arcade cabs: nothing fancy, just generic Jamma cabinets, but they're perfect for the job. The point is, the MINIMUM requirement for arcade emulation should be having a CRT in your cab. These games are meant to be played on a 15Khz CRT, they were designed that way, anything else completely misses the point of having a cabinet - if you're not bothered by 16:9 flat screens you can just buy a good arcade stick, play on your monitor and you'll have a much better experience. And in most countries, arcade operators still have lots of generic Jamma cabinets laying around that are much cheaper than this fake crap. Yes, you have to work a bit more to interface a Raspberry, or any other solution (how about a 1-slot NeoGeo MVS board with a chinese 161-in-1 cart? You can buy both on Aliexpress), but the results will be incomparable.

    catoblepagcatoblepag3 maanden geleden
    • I don't think this is made for arcade enthusiasts so much as nostalgia obsessed folks who want an arcade cabinet for their man cave. Same goes for the rest of AtGames's library, really.

      Russell DotyRussell Doty3 maanden geleden
    • Even going into the mid 2000s running games on CRTs just looks flat out better usually. As for audiences that would care about replicating this authenticity, I don't think there'd be an audience more off-put by the lack of projection panel than arcade enthusiasts. Given CRTs aren't space efficient anyway it somewhat justifies the size of the unit (aside from the box art)

      Prezzen77Prezzen773 maanden geleden
  • When the ego of a NLworldr needs to bash most things on expensive merchendise that was sent to them for free.

    Lars WadefalkLars Wadefalk3 maanden geleden
  • Easiest to understand review I’ve seen on Legend Ultimate. Just subscribed. One thing that’s still unclear and missing from this review...isn’t the main point of the “on the go” feature to be able to hook up a pc via hdmi and to stream games from things like stream or more power hungry modern arcade game emulators like teknoparrot running in that pc? I don’t even think you need to use the USB port, but I’m not sure.

    Anthony TripoliAnthony Tripoli3 maanden geleden
  • I don't care if the thing costs £100. If I have to log onto their service to play it.... I'm out.

    Good Lookin' Out HomieGood Lookin' Out Homie3 maanden geleden
  • Cautiously, cautiously optimistic about this. I’ll admit it; surprised at Atgames.

    Fenton Read-SmithFenton Read-Smith3 maanden geleden
  • If someone can invent a 2 player sitdown racing cabinet home arcade I would like one.

    Damaged Provider ModuleDamaged Provider Module3 maanden geleden
  • Yes!

    Joao TavaresJoao Tavares3 maanden geleden
  • 800 pounds, cheap SoC, can't even properly run ST. What a joke :)

    8bits-almost-lost8bits-almost-lost3 maanden geleden
  • How come they can do 300 games and arcade 1up has like 3 on average? I get that not all 300 games are worth playing OR emulate properly but that is a very wide gap of games to price difference between the two companies. I PC modded my 1up cabinet a month after I got it because I was bored with the games day one.

    Salvation73Salvation733 maanden geleden
  • if you are willing to pay that much for that stuff you deserve to be trolled

    Ana podaAna poda3 maanden geleden
  • That unfortunate side art looks like the b***ard lovechild of a what a broken down laundromat arcade wished it had in it's repertoire after a drunken bender, then threw up on a few Disney stickers.

    Bubbadmatt812Bubbadmatt8123 maanden geleden
  • Well, the arcade Tempest had a vertically aligned monitor. So, fitting it onto a horizontal monitor format WILL squash it.

    mityacemityace3 maanden geleden
  • Its like a Raspi in a cheap wooden case.. for 6-800 bucks you can get a real but used ArcadeMachine like an Sega Astro-City or Naomi. Its nothing more than a cheap cashgrab! Only Idiots with lots of Money would buy such stuff.

    Gargi LinoGargi Lino3 maanden geleden
  • Having seen the price, I'm ready to brush up on my MDF cutting and painting skills.

    PaulioBeePaulioBee3 maanden geleden
  • You're talking about the arcade cabinet but all I can focus on is the Captain Power Powerjet XT-7 in the background. LOL

    Logan CracraftLogan Cracraft3 maanden geleden
  • 800 Pounds!? LOOOOOOOL

    RhtrRhtr3 maanden geleden
  • Lol £800 and most of the best games he plays are not included

    coaty79coaty793 maanden geleden
  • At Games removed the Sega logo from the game

    Nicholas M DaskievigeNicholas M Daskievige3 maanden geleden
  • Love mine considering how many games and not everyone has room or money to buy a dedicated cabinet, they have done a great job with updates, its well worth it and for now keeps getting better..

    hakes187hakes1873 maanden geleden
  • You handle your sponsorship annoyingly and disrespectfully.

    DestherDesther3 maanden geleden
  • I'm really happy with my unit.

    Brent DevlinBrent Devlin3 maanden geleden
  • It’s worth whatever you are willing to pay

    m_train Gamingm_train Gaming3 maanden geleden
  • a fricking pinball emulator, those mad lads

    Singe SlayerSinge Slayer3 maanden geleden
  • Attract mode sounds like a Tavarish time lapse engine build

    tenmillionvoltstenmillionvolts3 maanden geleden
  • Looks about the same size as a arcade cabaret cabinet.

    Me my opinion ScheMe my opinion Sche3 maanden geleden
  • Coinopsx all the way baby!!

    Aerial EngineAerial Engine3 maanden geleden
  • I only paid 499 for mine at sams club in the USA...

    SmokeSmoke3 maanden geleden
  • Missed opportunity to run Doom on it.

    Carl WilliamsCarl Williams3 maanden geleden
  • I've had the ALU for a year now and play it more than my PS4. Street Fighter V and other Steam games run great via OTG. Without a pc you can run whatever mame game, nes, snes, genesis you want with just a usb stick. I'd buy another one if I could but that money is already reserved for their vpin cab.

    Clenton ClarionClenton Clarion3 maanden geleden
  • Thanks for the review, and Merry Christmas / happy holiday! :)

    ThomasGrilloThomasGrillo3 maanden geleden
  • That's a whole lot of money for a product that, not only wants you to be online (for some reason), but also seems to be woefully underpowered (and ugly to boot). Think if I am going to get a all-in-one cade at this point, I'd consider just building one with semi-old PC parts (make something that can run, say, SC6/KI/FighterZ) and run emulators. It'd probably be cheaper than this solution as well.

    DarkestPhoenixDarkestPhoenix3 maanden geleden
  • atgames have some of the worst retro products I've ever tried

    Martin PriceMartin Price3 maanden geleden
  • Search ebay or Alibaba for "Pandora box video game" to see a much cheaper and better alternative, minus the cabinet (most do include control panel and over 1000 games).

    JustWasted3HoursHereJustWasted3HoursHere3 maanden geleden
  • Yes yes but will it handle Atari 2600 Pac-man?

    Richard JohnsonRichard Johnson3 maanden geleden
  • >:( You've ruined our Christmas right now thank you for never responding to our e-mail therefore we decided to fu 2 and head off to a better youtubedude than you are mr grumpypunk

    EasyComp ZeelandEasyComp Zeeland3 maanden geleden
  • That does look very very nice and I have to admit I would like one... Justifying the price is another thing but as I'm useless at getting emulation and PIs to work correctly I suppose one could save a lot of hassle and wasted time.

    Phil's Solo TravelsPhil's Solo Travels3 maanden geleden
  • Most GenhExers And Meh-Llennials Will Have To Find A Boomer With A Screw Driver To Assemble This For Them. But The Kids Got Hooking Up The WiFi Under Control.

    Duke Hugh JohnsonDuke Hugh Johnson3 maanden geleden
  • Happy Christmas all! Yeah. At that price and build quality you can keep it. In fact anything that says “sign in” that’s supposed to retro - you can keep it. :)

    The Retro ShedThe Retro Shed3 maanden geleden
  • why the f**** you'd need to register/login for a physical product like that. total showstopper for me

    Revive BackRevive Back3 maanden geleden
  • What a cheap piece of shit

    Ripcord303Ripcord3033 maanden geleden
  • I think I'd rather just make my own.

    AngelusDlionAngelusDlion3 maanden geleden
  • The point is that yes, you could do your own for half the price and use a faster processor (probably my biggest concern) but when you get to your age, yes you target audience reading this, you tend to cost things in time not just money. Not that you have much time to play games these days anyway, do you.

    MagikGimpMagikGimp3 maanden geleden
    • @リナックス変態レトロワルド94 NEO-GEO emulation has been spot-on perfect for more than 20 years now. To recreate the mainboard would require all sorts of work and legal loopholes to jump through I should imagine, not to mention redesigning a way to mount that (now likely a lot smaller) board in a new case. Are you asking for a return to having to use giant, expensive MVS / AES carts or slow CDs? You also wouldn't be able to do anything else on it. Might as well just buy an old cab with a flashcart mod.

      MagikGimpMagikGimp3 maanden geleden
  • That control panel is worth the cost alone just by how it includes a spinner and trackball if you ask me. Fantastic product.

    MagikGimpMagikGimp3 maanden geleden