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23 apr. 2021
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Head to โ€‹www.squarespace.com/nostalgianerd to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD.... The 90s and 00s demoscene was filled with incredible sights & sounds for the senses, but none more incredible (in my opinion) than kkrieger; a playable 3D FPS that compacts into just 96KB created by German demo group Farbrausch (theprodukkt). I'm fascinated by this, so it was amazing to get the chance to speak to some of the developers and designers of this monumental release and find out just how and why it was made. #fps #demoscene #kkrieger
Massive thanks to the demoscene legends; giZMo and ryg for their help & resources on this video.
giZMo: twitter.com/chris_muetze
ryg: twitter.com/rygorous
00:00 The demoscene
04:17 Farbrausch pre-kkrieger
07:27 Procedural texture generation
10:04 Integrated ad
10:51 Using external libraries
12:19 Bump maps and meshes
13:30 Tools of the trade (Werkkzeug)
14:36 Character modelling
16:34 Reducing the code size
20:31 Detail work
23:03 Compression
24:38 Gameplay
25:26 kkrieger final
26:47 TheProdukkt is no more
28:01 Credits
๐Ÿ”—Video Links๐Ÿ”—
BreakPoint 04 Site: breakpoint.untergrund.net/2004/general.php
.theprodukkt: web.archive.org/web/20040810211758/www.theprodukkt.com/theprodukkt.html#tech
The Farbrausch way: llg.cubic.org/docs/farbrauschDemos/
Research Gate: www.researchgate.net/figure/The-game-kkrieger-has-a-file-size-of-96-kb_fig1_320722498
Breakpoint 2004: breakpoint.untergrund.net/2004/
Assembly seminars '04: web.archive.org/web/20041204090344/www.assembly.org/
fiver2's website: www.theunitedstatesofamerica.de/
ryg's homepage: www.farbrausch.com/~fg/
gizmo's website: www.pixelz.de/
"Metaprogramming for madmen": fgiesen.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/metaprogramming-for-madmen/
kkrieger interview from 2004: www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/130690/interview_frugal_fragging_with_.php
Interview from 2005: www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/130690/interview_frugal_fragging_with_.php
Github code: github.com/farbrausch/fr_public/blob/master/werkkzeug3/genmesh.cpp
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Rode NT-1 Mic
Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2020
Corel Paint Shop Pro 2020
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  • 11:17 TwEURL O_o Remember to SMASH THAT BELL for more slightly garbled words! (no really, it helps a lot)

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd22 dagen geleden
    • Is it possible to print this game on paper?

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    • 0:29 puck off

      ebennett365ebennett36515 dagen geleden
    • Sound like Ricky Gervais now

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    • I love how your map of Europe excluded Switzerland

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  • I remember this

    BritishColombianBritishColombian2 uur geleden
  • >16:10 >Pentium 3 with 1,5Ghz Was the maximum for desktop not 1,0Ghz? 1,1Ghz version they called back. Server part from the Pentium 3 has 1,4Ghz.

    ecchichanfecchichanf2 uur geleden
  • This is what I donโ€™t like about modern games. They squeeze in these UHD textures which most people wonโ€™t even see. Why not make relatively high poly maps so it looks neat but doesnโ€™t take up much space, then have a texture algorithm in the background? This is brilliant, I donโ€™t understand why people dropped this.

    CxntrxlCxntrxl12 uur geleden
  • Huh

    PovilazPovilaz15 uur geleden
  • 20:15 dont you mean 4gb limit not 2gb?

    Yar0nYar0n15 uur geleden
  • My PowerPoint presentation occupies more space than this game

    Luiz Miguel AlvesLuiz Miguel Alves19 uur geleden
  • Glad to know nothing I ever make will top some team that released a fps when I was young.

    No Luck ObiNo Luck Obi21 uur geleden
  • the demoscene is full of talent, there is a lot of websites archiving tracker music and demos that i still get amazed by

    phoenix_ir_phoenix_ir_21 uur geleden
  • In the year 2050: haha remember when we had to ship games with all the textures on a disc? Now we just ship the DRM protected AI on a liquid diamond discplate and they pay 18.99 dogecoin a month to unlock it on their Facebook account with the voice command "alexa, play cyberpunk 6". Wasn't technology so anti-consumer and archaic back then? Anyway, my break's almost over; I'm behind on my Tesla funded thermonuclear missile daily manufacturing quota and my drm sustainence device needs upgrading to support the 12.7 version of the OS without crashing and failing to crush the maggots into paste.

    Jacob RendallJacob RendallDag geleden
  • You know, things like this make me feel like when a boomer goes "ah, classics, not like that new trash" I actually think "you know what? They're right on this one."

    Jacob RendallJacob RendallDag geleden
  • We still make textures like that today in the Blender shader editor.

    Saylor TwiftSaylor TwiftDag geleden
  • I wish someone took this game and created more levels. Or creating a software that can create custom levels.

    Leopard AndromedaLeopard AndromedaDag geleden
  • I remember this. It was amazing. I think i still have it saved somewhere.

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  • When dial-up can download an FPS in 3 seconds

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  • Dang, what music did you use in this? It JAMS

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  • the real question is can you fit cod warzone in there?

    Tori6Tori62 dagen geleden
  • Blender is migrating to have everything be generated with nodes. Meanwhile they did all this already in the 2000's

    STANN.coSTANN.co2 dagen geleden
  • First I heard of this was from an issue of Computer Gaming World (yeah, back when games magazines were still a thing). It also came with the demo disc in that same issue (again, when they were still a thing)... ...man, I feel old

    MaxxterDMMaxxterDM3 dagen geleden
  • So the reason it's so small, is that it's not a game at all - it's the instructions to create the game. A dream of a game, plugged into reality. Amazing.

    PhhasePhhase3 dagen geleden
  • *I like your funny words magic man*

    Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGINGCurtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING3 dagen geleden
  • This is much more than just a novelty or an amusement, there's some incredible talent on display here. It also makes it painfully obvious though, that the 150 GB game you just downloaded off Steam, could definitely find a few ways to reduce the size.

    nunyobizneznunyobiznez3 dagen geleden
  • I'm still impressed that The Oliver Twins got dizzy into 48k tho

    reggiebaccireggiebacci3 dagen geleden
  • does anyone know the name of the song at 1:48? gives me huge nostalgic flashbacks but shazam doesn't work

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  • 0:33 I guess Switzerland doesn't exist???

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  • 0:33 Ahh yes, the European continent where Sweden is a peninsula and Switzerland is no more.

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  • When I heard about the 96K Shooter, my 300A was at 450 running the green/brown Banshee. Man am I glad we don't use TR anymore. B5.2 FTW

    ach jaach ja4 dagen geleden
  • Theese guys made their own substance designer tool 10 years before.

    Samuele LoreficeSamuele Lorefice4 dagen geleden
  • 24:50 I was watching with subtitles... "(*TFT SCREEN ANICDOTE*)"... Now I'm curious! ๐Ÿ˜…

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  • I remember playing this as a kid, it blew my mind a game like that could be so tiny.

    nekogodnekogod5 dagen geleden
  • That was a real Linus level sponsor transition. I'm proud

    Silent AntagonistSilent Antagonist5 dagen geleden
  • "somewhere in europe" somehow completly missing switzerland

    Petr RiegerPetr Rieger5 dagen geleden
  • I remember back in 2009 or so, I was at a LAN party called "the sleepless lan", and breakfast cost $20 extra ontop of the ticket price.. A friend of mine wanted to just pay, but I said hold on.. We went to a local store and bought some bread, then placed it ontop of my GTX275 before launching the "8kb demo" file, cranking temperatures inside up to 85 celcius.. It took about 15 minutes before we had crispy toasted bread to melt cheese ontop. Good times, had a lot of nerds arrive and comment on how I was going to damage my top of the range graphics card and that we were mad etc, but everything went well and the bread was delicious.

    TooolToool5 dagen geleden
  • farbrausch = colour rush

    xoeyyyxoeyyy5 dagen geleden
  • Fit a FPS

    Chinzo ScribeChinzo Scribe6 dagen geleden
  • I remember finding the demo scene fascinating and I still have *The Product* on my computer.

    Alilretard1Alilretard16 dagen geleden
  • These guys can put a whole 3D FPS game in 96 KB. Meanwhile, I'm here with a text-based choose-your-own-adventure console application that's 3 MB.

    Arshad AliArshad Ali6 dagen geleden
  • Fascinating that they could pull it off.

    Michael RozenbergMichael Rozenberg6 dagen geleden
  • I remember playing a 3D race game also in the kB size, which had many cars and racetracks

    Jonathan EllsworthJonathan Ellsworth6 dagen geleden
  • Goddammit. AAA games should've been about 5GB by now.

    Axel AnnandAxel Annand7 dagen geleden
  • when this came out I used to carry it around on a USB and play it on various computers

    Keenan MayKeenan May7 dagen geleden
  • Kkrieger is pretty impressive. Then again, it takes specialized advanced hardware with a bunch of megabytes of driver and rendering engine.

    AstralStormAstralStorm7 dagen geleden
  • Now we have recent games with outdated graphics weighting more than 100go just because storage is cheap so they don't care to compress things.

    KoffingKoffing7 dagen geleden
  • I was just downloading flight simulator, all 179gigs of it, and just thought about this game, so decided to NLworld it to see if anyone has made a how it was done/behind the scenes video about it. Boy am I glad this was just uploaded a few weeks ago.

    smiork valexysmiork valexy7 dagen geleden
  • 96k is massively impressive it's a shame that nowadays you can't even turn a console on without it downloading a 50 gig update just to fix slowdowns in a game.

    Steven CopsonSteven Copson8 dagen geleden
  • See what people don't tell you about kkreiger is that it just puts everything in fucking memory. How much is that? 300 megabytes. So no, this is not a 96kb game, This is a 300 megabyte game just waiting to be extracted to memory in 96kb.

    name2name29 dagen geleden
  • where I can find this game for download?

    ccdmn 1ccdmn 19 dagen geleden
  • That's pretty epic to be honest.

    Leah CLeah C9 dagen geleden
  • Incredible video! I've known the game for a while, since 2008. But your video brought me so much knowledge that I wanted to know since them! Thank you!

    Tales SampaioTales Sampaio9 dagen geleden
  • I played kkrieger back in the day and my mind was COMPLETELY BLOWN by it.

    Benderdick CumbersnatchBenderdick Cumbersnatch9 dagen geleden
  • Hey can you please post list of the music you used in this video in particular for the procedural texture generation?

    123techno123techno9 dagen geleden
  • Haha zipbomb go boom

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  • demoscene is so cringe

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  • i remember farbrauschs "the product" :D nice!

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  • The Product is White? 5:17 Coca-Cola will not be happy. The product needs to be less white.

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  • 0:32 Seems like parts of Europe were left out

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  • Phenomenal work all round. Thank you for sharing this

    Mr BrainzMr Brainz10 dagen geleden
  • I've tested this demo on my PC. I found it in a magazine about computer graphics shadows or something like that. It was cool to test this in 2005

    Murilo SantosMurilo Santos10 dagen geleden
  • Procedural textures, models etc..they were the basis of Spore and more recently No Man's Sky. There is still so much untapped potential.

    Letโ€™s take a walkLetโ€™s take a walk10 dagen geleden
  • I doubt it is called Far-brausch but more likely Farb-rausch from farb = color and rausch =state of euphoria (mostly from alcohol or drugs) combining to a word saying something one could translate as "drunk on color"

    Benedikt GeierhoferBenedikt Geierhofer10 dagen geleden
  • Early 2000' were the best times for ALL software. Since then, it has been a "some steps forwards, some steps backwards". Even shooters were better - they all felt unique. Now, it's all just new assets on top of an Unreal engine - all of today's shooters just feel exactly the same! They've taken the magic out of 3D gaming and made it into another TikTok-style hype-fest, bleh!

    Todor KolevTodor Kolev10 dagen geleden
  • Thats not a map of europe only the eu nations ... sad switzerland

    HannesHannes11 dagen geleden
  • they should really learn to makes games smaller. Im sick of these big downloads.I also dont play in 4k so why i have to download them?

    Indiana StonesIndiana Stones11 dagen geleden
  • still remember these good old days. and i was part of it. bad that its not that big anymore. alot of talent is wasted these days

    Bunker DresdenBunker Dresden11 dagen geleden
  • I remember playing kkrieger on my first PC and it ran like shit and was so happy when it ran smoothly on a later pc

    BobyleinBobylein11 dagen geleden
  • This video should wake us up, like I remember when a 32mb hard drive for ps2 was enough to get you a good library. Now a 1 TB Xbox is a fucking Call of Duty Machine. We need to focus on storage saving and making games take less space. The growth of game space for the quality/quantity hasn't been nearly proportionate

    ElgatoradoElgatorado11 dagen geleden
  • Reminds me of blender nodes

    MinxterYTMinxterYT11 dagen geleden
  • Great overview of this demo scene marvel. Thanks for doing this.

    Pete BrownPete Brown11 dagen geleden
  • Activision, take some FUCKING notes!

    SaxjonSaxjon11 dagen geleden
  • Wish there would be music credits, especially the Techno/Trance ones from the beginning of the video. Sounds great.

    MuchosSaugusMuchosSaugus11 dagen geleden
  • My Notepad++ always looks like this 21:27 too, I always have autoexec.cfg and config.cfg there because of CSGO. What game is yours from?

    F7INF7IN11 dagen geleden
  • Imagine a modern attempt at a game constricted to 1 GB with the same level of relative compression, by a team with the same skill and passion. Mind boggling

    Fuck OffFuck Off11 dagen geleden
    • @Getindor This was literally said in the video

      KrawurxusKrawurxus7 dagen geleden
    • Almost 2gb of ram? It doesn't even reach 512mb of ram when running

      GetindorGetindor7 dagen geleden
    • That might not work if the computer has to be able to fit all the assets it creates from those 96 kb into its' RAM. This 96 kb game took up almost 2gb of RAM while running, so even a modern gaming PC with 32 gigs of RAM may only be able to handle a base file of around 1,6 mb. There might be ways around this with further optimization and modern tricks and libraries, like if you only load the assets needed for the current level, which would mean an insane amount of levels. Or if it's an open world game only load whatever's in your actual field of view. But I'm not sure how viable that would actually be since I've never looked into anything like this at all. If it's workable at all a game from a 1gb base file might be too large to finish in a lifetime of playing.

      KrawurxusKrawurxus8 dagen geleden
  • I still have copies of a BUNCH of these including "The Product" even to todays standard its amazing!!!

    G's great videos . . . OF DOOM!!!G's great videos . . . OF DOOM!!!11 dagen geleden
  • Never heard about this impressive demo. Great documentation work, I suscribe ASAP

    King KonorkKing Konork11 dagen geleden
  • Meanwhile, installer files that actually download all content from the Internet anyway often come in at over 100mb on Windows.

    Oli NorwellOli Norwell12 dagen geleden
  • You are so right regarding limitations, by having constraints you are forced to make things work within those constraints and it makes you a better creator. Sometimes freedom can be a bad thing.

    Jack KrakenJack Kraken12 dagen geleden
  • I loved this little game and I even used to to quickly test if a graphics card supported PIxel Shader 1 (or 2?).

    Jack KrakenJack Kraken12 dagen geleden
  • I wonder what has happened to those people. Professionally. An office job? Did the guys "grown up" and went to work in a corpo? Doing "serious" work, instead "some stupid demos and games"? And another thing is bothering me... If the kkrieger looked as good as shooters of the era, would it be possible to do something like this NOW? I mean imagine a game fitting in like 1MB (or even 10) looking (at least technically) like Doom Eternal? That would be mind blowing, but I think it's possible.

    A DogA Dog12 dagen geleden
  • In old days making a com instead of exe saved a ton of space.

    ja skja sk12 dagen geleden
  • I feel like that texturing technique could benefit modern games immensely. Not only saving space but dynamically adjusting the detail based on your distance from them? That sounds like a dream come true.

    Steve LyonsSteve Lyons12 dagen geleden
  • I remember seeing the product back when it was released. It was really amazing back then.

    SohuSohu12 dagen geleden
  • Limitation is what defined older systems. Finding ways to create so much with so little had resulted in a lot of ingenuity and even made new concepts. Modern consoles pretty much have given developers an excuse to be excessive and lazy.

    Patriarcus RexPatriarcus Rex12 dagen geleden
  • 6:34 I Iove how casual these old demoscene party advertisements were. Sleep on the floor, bring a tent, maybe. We have a tent for boozing and "chillout". It's like a scaled up LAN party with your friends.

    Dycedarg's Elder BrotherDycedarg's Elder Brother12 dagen geleden
  • 14:41 - Immediately thought of Mario's model in SM64. Pretty happy to hear it was an opinion shared by someone far more knowledgeable than myself a few seconds later... made me smile a fair bit...

    Patrick APatrick A12 dagen geleden
  • 0:40 - Is that a verbal honeypot by any chance?... Or am I missing something here, wouldn't 96KB be 98,304 characters? I guess I'm either wrong, or it was a schoolboy error? Or even an editorial choice to make it easier for the viewer? No malice meant... and am kinda doubting myself now to be fair... lol... Regardless, very much appreciate your channel's content! Edited to note: Just downloaded, and can confirm 98,304 bytes. This also seems quite strange, being that it's exactly 96KB... Was it modified down to the byte, was it pure luck, maybe the way my os is displaying the size, or perhaps even padded to make it a nice round, full, 96KB? Any thoughts/information on this strange but not impossible coincidence?... anyone?

    Patrick APatrick A12 dagen geleden
  • Wow, White people do some amazing stuff. Great DNA.

    Dwight PowerDwight Power12 dagen geleden
  • Me: Zip it

    SwT_SwT_12 dagen geleden
  • nice german =) now, pronounce z like TZ in fiTZpatrick and you're good to go. werkzeug -> wairgTZoig ๐Ÿ‘

    DudeDude13 dagen geleden
  • Little known factoid, the demoscene is the origin of most of the hardware algorithms and optimisations hard coded into graphics cards today. Bet you ati, s3, trident, or nvidia don't pay a cent to the programmers they ripped their tech from tho.

    Phoenix XPhoenix X13 dagen geleden
  • Well done! This is real nostalgia

    AcctistaZAcctistaZ13 dagen geleden
  • We managed to ship a game with several gigabytes of texture memory on a USB stick with an installer of barely 100MB due to heavy use of Substance Designer in 2018. Soooo... these techniques still live on till today. Sadly many game companies miss out on the opportunities - they design their textures with Substance Designer but bake them to "real" textures when they like the looks of them. Waste of memory.

    mercartaxmercartax13 dagen geleden
  • Krieger=warrior Werkzeug=tool

    Waluigithefake 1Waluigithefake 113 dagen geleden
  • I still enjoy playing this game from time to time.

    HaLPaXHaLPaX13 dagen geleden
  • Fitgirl has one hell of a compression algorithm

    Broke VTuber KevinBroke VTuber Kevin13 dagen geleden
  • So basically a "1 command creation" from minecraft manifesting outside of minecraft))

    GoblinSporeGoblinSpore13 dagen geleden
  • Does anyone have a download link for the .werkkzeug editor that's precompiled? I can't find any that still work.

    flarn2006flarn200613 dagen geleden
  • I hope nvidia collabs with a game engine and make real time textures to save tons of data, 80% of today's games are unavoidable textures that you have no choice BUT to download. So what if a game both allows you to permanently select a texture quality from first boot and then the rest of the textures are AI created. You can use vram to create n store better textures rather than store shite textures 10x the size with have the rest of the textures stored uselessly. Plus better faster AI compression could see astronomically lower file sizes.

    Emerson-BiggonsEmerson-Biggons13 dagen geleden
  • We need to get these people working on Warzone

    hardrivethrutownhardrivethrutown13 dagen geleden
  • 30000:1 compression is that as good as Pied Pipers middle-out compression

    Nigel DraycottNigel Draycott13 dagen geleden
  • Man I really need to stop nerding around

    Neaman LerhmariNeaman Lerhmari13 dagen geleden